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    Safety Is Still Out of Reach for Women

    Culturally, we’ve come a long way in how we view violence against women. For many of us on both the right and left, the #MeToo movement was an un-choking of problematic behavior towards women in the culture and in business that for so long was disregarded or even accepted.

    Nicki Minaj Is Right: Individual Autonomy Matters

    Fall might be in the air, but the debate around vaccines and vaccine mandates isn’t cooling off one bit.

    Congress Is Trying to Pass a Healthcare Bill Bigger Than Obamacare. Why Is No One Talking About It?

    All in all, this would be the biggest expansion of government-run healthcare since Obamacare.

    All I Want to Say Is That They Don’t Really Care About Women

    This story is not an outlier in our system, but rather a roadmap for how to get your case solved. Be young, beautiful or talented, wealthy, and get the media involved...and maybe, just maybe, they’ll test your freaking rape kit and clear your case. Otherwise, sweetie, forget about it. 

    When I Think of 9/11, I Think of Boats Instead of Planes

    White Ash Flames Steel Skylines  Fields Monuments The American Flag George W. Bush Planes These images, and so many more, flood to mind at...