Did Pandemic Policy Make Americans More Aggressive?

    Data from the CDC show a sharp increase in the number of Americans experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Are many breaking under the stress?

    Weren’t We Always Extremists?

    But over the years, I’ve had to disentangle my pride in my family’s work ethic and character, which so closely align with the American ideals I was taught and still vigorously believe in, from our government itself.

    Britney Spears Just Broke Her Silence on #FreeBritney – Let’s Hope It Sparks Reform

    It’s time for conservatorship reform. Let’s hope this is the catalyst.

    The Waymaker: Finding Streams in the Desert

    God answered the desires of my heart because I was willing to wait on Him, trust His timing, and blindly follow the pathway He was making.

    #FreeBritney and the Importance of Self-Ownership

    Too often, our society’s response to vulnerability is to “protect” individuals from themselves by stripping them of their rights and freedoms.

    Harvard Researchers Say This One Tiny Life Adjustment Can Reduce Depression Risk

    Researchers from Harvard found there’s an easy step we can all take to help prevent depression.

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