Freedom Doesn’t Mean You Get Your Way

    We have no idea the pains taken to secure our natural rights in generations past, and so we are now reduced to squabbling over the inconveniences of freedom which we mistake as injustices.

    Is It Time to Go Single Issue on Qualified Immunity?

    No matter which political persuasion you ascribe to, there’s at least one thing we probably agree on: the US government is out of control....

    Weren’t We Always Extremists?

    But over the years, I’ve had to disentangle my pride in my family’s work ethic and character, which so closely align with the American ideals I was taught and still vigorously believe in, from our government itself.

    Nobody Said Freedom Was Popular

    Freedom isn’t popular, and if you defend it too well, you won’t be either.

    The Waymaker: Finding Streams in the Desert

    God answered the desires of my heart because I was willing to wait on Him, trust His timing, and blindly follow the pathway He was making.

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