Gabby Petito’s Case Offers Important Lessons on the Nature of Abuse

    But this shouldn’t surprise people. Abuse victims rarely advertise their mistreatment. And abusers often love-bomb their victim, pouring out public affection and working overtime to convince everyone that they are especially in love and happy.

    Congress Is Trying to Pass a Healthcare Bill Bigger Than Obamacare. Why Is No One Talking About It?

    All in all, this would be the biggest expansion of government-run healthcare since Obamacare.

    All I Want to Say Is That They Don’t Really Care About Women

    This story is not an outlier in our system, but rather a roadmap for how to get your case solved. Be young, beautiful or talented, wealthy, and get the media involved...and maybe, just maybe, they’ll test your freaking rape kit and clear your case. Otherwise, sweetie, forget about it. 

    The Horrific Outcomes of the Jacobson Case You’re Using to Justify Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

    Biden is about to find out that he’ll have as hard of a time eradicating freedom and personal choice in this country as trying to eradicate the coronavirus.

    How I Responded When My Yoga Studio Reinstituted a Mask Mandate

    Civil disobedience is a deeply American tradition. Both individuals and businesses possess the power to stand up against oppression and coercion in peaceful ways.

    Did Pandemic Policy Make Americans More Aggressive?

    Data from the CDC show a sharp increase in the number of Americans experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Are many breaking under the stress?

    Britney Spears Just Broke Her Silence on #FreeBritney – Let’s Hope It Sparks Reform

    It’s time for conservatorship reform. Let’s hope this is the catalyst.

    #FreeBritney and the Importance of Self-Ownership

    Too often, our society’s response to vulnerability is to “protect” individuals from themselves by stripping them of their rights and freedoms.

    Harvard Researchers Say This One Tiny Life Adjustment Can Reduce Depression Risk

    Researchers from Harvard found there’s an easy step we can all take to help prevent depression.

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