Police State

    Vax or Jail? The Dilemma Facing Some Americans

    The cases in Ohio are especially troubling because they involve defendants whose bodily autonomy is being violated not only once, but twice by their government.

    Free People Require Free Movement

    The passports also raise significant privacy concerns and invoke past traumas of governmental abuse, specifically for people of color who were historically used for medical experimentation by the government.

    Tucker Carlson and Rand Paul Take on the NSA. Here’s Why You Should Care

    Paul’s push for an investigation is a necessary step, and one more of our leaders should be demanding. We desperately need more transparency and accountability from this agency.

    Is It Time to Go Single Issue on Qualified Immunity?

    No matter which political persuasion you ascribe to, there’s at least one thing we probably agree on: the US government is out of control....

    A Year After George Floyd’s Death, Police Unions Are Still Exploiting Reform Efforts to Cash In

    A new report from The Guardian finds that police reform efforts often come with strings attached—purse strings, that is.

    How Washington, DC Carjacked an Elderly Couple

    Bad things happen when governments are allowed to enrich themselves at the expense of those they are charged with protecting. Just ask Doug and Nancy Nelson.

    Viral Video of Cops Harassing Kids Riding Bikes Without a License Reveals the Root of America’s Policing Problem

    The expansion of government is the root cause of the problems with policing today.

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