Why Is the US Increasing the Pentagon’s Budget by $37,000,000,000?

    Economist Milton Friedman famously said, “Nobody spends somebody else’s money as carefully as he spends his own.”

    What Is Section 230 and Why Do Trump and His Allies Want to Repeal It?

    Section 230 simply says that only internet users are responsible for what they write, not the private companies whose websites host the commenters.

    Biden Administration to Cuban Refugees: Sorry, You’re Not Welcome Here

    Many Americans operate under the belief that the US holds a welcoming policy to refugees and those seeking political asylum. That’s not the case.

    Texas Is Now an “Open Carry” State, Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

    It has always been antithetical to the spirit of the Constitution to require a license to own a firearm.

    Kodak Black Blocked From Giving AC Units to Housing Projects by the Government

    Despite carrying an incredibly high tax burden, America continues to be one of the most charitable and generous nations in the world. Imagine what we could accomplish if the government got out of the way.

    Rand Paul Is Leading a Bipartisan Effort to Fix One of the Government’s Worst Immigration Laws

    Dreamers' families and their entire way of life are in the US, yet they become a criminal overnight based on an arbitrary birthday.

    Et Tu, Texas? Lawsuit Filed over New Social Media Regulation Law in the State

    It appears some state lawmakers on the right have grown to hate the left more than they love the Constitution, and in the process they’re becoming what they fought in the first place.

    When I Think of 9/11, I Think of Boats Instead of Planes

    White Ash Flames Steel Skylines  Fields Monuments The American Flag George W. Bush Planes These images, and so many more, flood to mind at just the mention of 9/11. And 20 years to...

    Wars Are No Way to Advance Human Rights

    The United States has no business “cleaning up” foreign countries when we ourselves are in such a hot mess.

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